Reference practice

In my thesis  practice is  addressed as evidence, with projects and artists’ statements being used to find convergences or disagreements with theory.

The aesthetical and technological analysis focuses on web-based dances presently active on-line. The distinctive quality and persistent enquiry of the work with digital dance undertaken by three companies justifies electing them as case studies

Cie. Mulleras       French dance company based in Béziers, the true pioneers on the subject of my research, after starting with Mini@tures in 1998 they kept developing projects that have two distinct space for presentation – the stage and the Web.

n+n corsino         French dance company based in Marseille, they have been researching the possibilities of digital technologies to make digital dance and take this from of expression to new spaces other than the stage – installations, cinema, I-phone.

Body – Data – Space       UK based group with and intense history of putting together artists and researchers from different artistic fields, professionals, students and local communities, to make events, artworks and laboratories concerning new identity in the post-human era and the use of telematics to feel touch and presence.


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