Case studies

Dance Performance in Cyberspace (Varanda, 2015) is a qualitative research based on case-study design as a means of finding pragmatic evidence in particulars, to illustrate abstract concepts, technological processes and aesthetic values that are underway in a new area of knowledge. The field where this research operates within is located by a mapping of published literature that informs a theoretical interdisciplinary framework, which contextualizes the interpretation of artworks.

The case studies, selected due to their distinctive quality and persistent enquiry of the work with digital dance, have been subject to a process of systematic and detailed analysis, entailed with a model devised for the purpose of this enquiry.

Cie. Mulleras    French dance company based in Béziers, the true pioneers on the subject of my research, after starting with Mini@tures in 1998 they kept developing projects that have two distinct space for presentation – the stage and the Web. Selected work: 96 details  2006

n+n corsino         French dance company based in Marseille, they have been researching the possibilities of digital technologies to make digital dance and take this from of expression to new spaces other than the stage – installations, cinema, I-phone. Selected work: Soi Moi   2009

Body – Data – Space       UK based group with and intense history of putting together artists and researchers from different artistic fields, professionals, students and local communities, to make events, artworks and laboratories concerning new identity in the post-human era and the use of telematics to feel touch and presence. Selected work: Me and My Shadow (Joseph Hyde) 2012



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