Further Writing

You can access here my occasional writing other than dance reviews , my doctoral research, or  published books.  These articles are closely linked to my professional commitment with contemporary dance and aim to expand and unveil the existing relationships between choreographic artworks and their cultural context. They also extend to a broader interest the knowledge acquired with my dance research.

Portugal in festivals: an exciting map of quality and diversity – GB

@EFFE Guide 2015/2016 – EFFE guideEurope for Festivals, Festivals for Europe
September 2015


Que é que eles pensam e não dizem? – PT

texto sobre a peça FORÇA, de Filipa Francisco, para a companhia Maior, @ publicação programa CCB, November 2015 (a text about FORÇA – the new piece by Filipa Francisco for Companhia Maior – what is it that they think but do not say?)


Conhecimento na Dança  – PT              dança-conhecimento-paula-varanda-lura

@ jornal LURA  Guimarães Abril_Julho 2013   (dance and knowledge)

Danças de Intervenção – Quando Chove Penso Numa Bailarina  – PT

danças de intervenção

@ Le Monde Diplomatique – Edição Portuguesa Novembro 2012
(Activist dances – Heavy rain reminds me of a dancer )

DV8 – 25 anos de corpos contra os tabús  (Can we Talk About This?) – PTVaranda_DV8

@ PÚBLICO – suplemento ipsílon – Março 2012
(DV8 – 25 years of bodies against tabus (Can we talk about this?)

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