I have published two books that are dedicated to the documentation analysis and evaluation of projects led by Portuguese choreographers Aldara Bizarro and Filipa Francisco. Their work is remarkably operating within the ‘dance and community’ area, and has been bridging substantial existing gaps in our country between contemporary art professionals and the wider population, which is often not represented on the headlines of mainstream culture and information society. The contact with these projects was very enriching to my own perception of our contemporary culture and I focused my aim in revealing their complexity and originality. This intended to either return to the makers and participants an image they could not achieve from their inside perspective, or provide a consistent and attractive documentation about dance and performance that can inform new cultural and educational policies or studies in the near future.

capa DeC Dançar é Crescer – Aldara Bizarro e o Projecto Respira   Paula Varanda 2012 Lisboa :Caleidoscópio Editora (book) preview here   or  order here

Nu Kre Bai Na Bu Onda – programa de formação e criação em capaNKBNBOdança e teatro  Paula Varanda 2010   Lisboa : Alkantara Associação (book with DVD) read here or   order here


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